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Cut clean. Blood spurting, dripping, spilling all over her new dress. Oh well, it was red anyway.

Queen of the Night tulips, also known as black tulips, are not really black but rather a deep maroon color.

Stéphane Rolland Fall 2010

elle us june 2014; angelina jolie, gothitelle, woobat & pidove

dude must be really late for school
My review: Generic Black Over-bust Corset from Ebay. So I’ve had a bit of experience shopping for cheap mass manufactured corsets & I’ve found that this one I’m wearing is my favorite one so far. This is NOT A WAIST TRAINER. This is a cheap corset, meaning the bones in it are not stiff & are most likely made out of thin flexible steel or even acrylic. That being said, it’s great for casual wear (costumes, sexy time, etc) but do not purchase this thinking it will help shape your waist to an extreme degree. Also, because the bones are flexible, I don’t suggest wearing this for long periods of time. I once did & it bruised my ribs. Not fun!PLEASE manually measure yourself like 23763853 times prior to purchasing. Most corsets have a size chart on the listing. If you wear a Medium in shirts, there’s a chance you’re not a M in a corset which is why these have so many sizes - I had to learn that the hard way. Also, if you have big boobs, (DD & up) SIZE UP.  Otherwise you will be extremely uncomfortable. What I did was buy a larger size then really tighten it up in the back to clinch in my waist. That way I still have enough space for my boobs & a nice snug fit in my waist. =]In general, I’d give this corset like a 7.5/10. For a $10 corset, it’s fantastic. Plus, it’s GORGEOUS. Though I would love to replace the current bones with steel bones. Then It’d be a 10!


are straight boys obligated to touch the top of every door frame??

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